Culture Transformation

People are the root of every business, this is where we invest. Explore the tools and models that are essential to fostering a new paradigm organization.

We work closely with Leaders to transform aspects of the causal indicator which will directly impact the output and outcomes of the organization. Improving the cause multiplies employee Happiness, Engagement, Commitment, Ideas & Inspiration.

New Paradigm Organization

To understand this more closely, we will start by defining culture. Richard Barrett defines organizational culture as ”the way things are done around here.” To put it in a simple way, culture is a replica of the values, beliefs, and behaviors of a group of people; that determines their ”personality’’. It is who they are, and what they stand for. It is what defines them and what distinguishes them from other organizations.

To successfully change your culture, you not only have to change the behaviors and values of the current leaders, but you also need to change the organizational legacy of past leaders (the values and beliefs embedded in the organization’s policies, systems, and structures.)

Revenue Growth
Employment Growth
Stock Price Growth
Net Income Growth

7 Levels of Consciousness

Level 7
Contribution: Social Responsibility

Level 6
Collaboration: Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Level 5
Alignment: Strong Cohesive Culture

Level 4
Evolution: Adaptability and Continuous Learning

Level 3
Performance: High Performance Systems and Processes

Level 2
Relationships: Connections that support the Organization

Level 1
Viability: Pursuit of Profit and Shareholder Value

Structural & Digital Systems


Internal relationships within an organization are the structure on which any business or project depends on. The strength of Trust within a team is the soul which an organization expresses. This is where we can design systems and processes that support Trust to be built organically through a team, for higher levels of performance.


Digital systems include the tools available to any team. Keeping up-to-date with the software and tools available is essential for removing organizational bottlenecks. Additionally, prioritizing digital security is a must to be able to maintain organizational integrity internally and externally in the marketplace.

Transformational Flow


Transforming self, we believe that global change begins with the individual. It all starts with You.


We provide training and consultation within teams to become a values-driven organization.


Witness shifts on a societal level. Social harmony is achieved by aligning individuals through values.


A harmonic society inspires sustainable systems, for Humanity to restore balance with nature.