Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning

Learn | Feel | Become

We are committed to providing immersive multi-sensory experiences through events, retreats, and digital training.

Multi Sensory Experience

Learning is achieved by turning knowledge into action. For this, the sharing of knowledge should be a visceral experience, including all of our senses.

Experiences designed to shake and wake people up. Our seminars motivate and inspire people to move towards positive change.


Digital products educate and inspire people on how we think, connect, and change our world. Here we look at mindset, culture, and the impact of Distributed Ledger Technology. Our digital products focus on providing a transformational experience for anyone in the world. We invite people to immerse themselves in the Collaboration Network and join a New Paradigm Conversation.

Live Events

We started hosting live seminars in the beautiful Bali, Indonesia in July 2016. We’ve been able to inspire & educate thousands of attendees of different cultures and backgrounds. The seminars began as an idea to share our teachings, training & knowledge to individuals with an open mind and who are looking for change in their lives.

With amazing feedback and support, we continued to grow our events welcoming new topics and areas of focus to transform the mind of individuals, introduce a values-driven business model, and develop a shared understanding of societal & environmental impact.


Our seminars provide education about mindset, energy, values, culture and future technology. 


High-impact events to take you through a journey of a series of workshops over multiple days,


SmartMinds is upgrading Leadership. Introducing practices of a full spectrum consciousness.

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

Herbert Spencer