An Ecosystem of Projects Aligned to Global Transformation

SmartMinds Enterprise is a group of organizations that are committed to transforming global culture and integrating with frontier technologies.

Structure & Framework

SmartMinds Enterprise has embodied a values-driven business model, 7 Levels of Consciousness. Initially designed by Richard Barrett, we have studied and put the model into practice to the point of discovering a unique key element, Energy.

Energy is an essential factor in activating any individual, project, or organization. Through the years, we’ve combined the 7 levels framework with the principle driver of energy and values to create a new way of doing business, innovating, and living.


MasterMind Earth

A combination of workshops, conversations & collaboration of the world’s top leaders for a deeper understanding of themselves. To implement a global endeavour to actualize the 21 New Paradigm Initiatives.

Experiential Learning

Continuous learning is the key to achieving a constant state of innovation. We provide multi-sensory experiences for a truly immersive experience through our training and events.

Planetary Consulting

Quark International

Quark is an international firm that provides planetary consulting to pioneer global sustainable development. Our focus is supporting organizations and communities design systems to achieve their desired goals in societal, economic, and environmental harmony.


SmartAssets is a diversified investment fund. Each asset within the fund plays a unique and interdependent role in the collective of organizations. Whether through its products, services, or resources, each asset strengthens and is supported by the rest of the portfolio.

Assets no longer compete to succeed but are deeply interdependent with one another as an economy, similar to ecosystems within nature.


SmartAssets Trade Network

An end-to-end, integrated digital tracking system leveraging distributed ledger technology and IoT to optimize the supply chain for international trade.


The Battery

A framework for education that shapes our collective future for the better. Real-world skills for high-performance Leadership, Business, and Mindset.


Trusted Trade Network

A network of verified and aligned organizations and professionals. This network focuses on ensuring security and deliverability in business trades.

Earth Ledger

Global Transformation Network
Earth Ledger brings individuals, organizations, and ideas together to identify, invest in and implement the best solutions to our challenges. An autonomous community with a marketplace of verified and sustainable products powers the platform.

Earth Ledger incentivizes verified users to work together towards the restoration of our Planet. Users identify challenges within the environment, assist in deploying global solutions and help grow the new green economy.

Decentralized Verified Web

An ecosystem of digital tools for Humanity to achieve true sovereignty. Instead of experiencing safety through bureaucracy, we can experience freedom through security.


An internet protocol designed to revolutionize our modes of operation for business, government, and society. Virtù transforms the way information and resources are distributed globally.

Earth Ledger Global Alliance

ELGA is a global CSR program for individuals, organizations & nations to become a part of the solution and evolve our global systems for nature and humanity.

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There is no joy equal to that of being able to work for all humanity
and doing what you’re doing well.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path