Frontier Technologies

Utilize exponential, open source technologies for a free and more distributed world. Develop a unique perspective on the transformation of our internet and platforms.

Open Source

Open-source technology has provided a way for developers around the globe to collaborate and innovate in profound ways. This level of transparency provides a doorway for digital transformation and the sharing of knowledge.

By utilizing open-source technology you’re able to better research code for its integrity and have more flexibility in customizing platforms to your needs in functionality and design.

Exponential Technology

Exponential technology refers to the exponential rate of innovation we are witnessing today. Blockchain provided a starting point for us to explore new transparent systems based on integrity, inspiring developers worldwide to go further, using this technology to integrate new efficient systems in just about any industry.

Our present technological reformation is happening globally, it’s beautiful to witness, and it’s inviting every single one of us to get onboard. Our goal is to provide a bridge to understand and utilize these tools in simple manners through education.

Distributed Systems

Decentralization is the process we are currently in as a society. Distributed systems are the foundations for Humanity to live in a world of True free will. It provides us with choices in every industry we engage in daily, and it brings us from a consumer into a position of a stakeholder, where we have more power in the direction of the products and services available to us.

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