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Our events have stretched all around the world. A journey of innovation to truly create and deliver life-changing experiences through curated events, and high impact education.


SmartAssets is a diversified investment fund. Each asset within the fund plays a unique and interdependent role in the collective of organizations. Whether through its products, services, or resources, each asset strengthens and is supported by the rest of the portfolio.

Assets no longer compete to succeed but are deeply interdependent with one another as an economy, similar to ecosystems within nature.

Realized Mind

A New Paradigm Conversation. Experience deep personal reflection alongside tangible best practices to embody new habits, skills & abilities.

Culture Transformation

Receive tools and training around Organizational Culture. Discover a values-driven model and how it can completely transform your business.

Environmental Evolution

A space to lead the change by understanding what our Earth truly requires from Humanity. The transfiguration of our global systems to better serve our Planet.



Continuous learning is the key to achieving a constant state of innovation. We provide multi-sensory experiences for a truly immersive experience through our training and events.

MasterMind Earth

A combination of workshops, conversations & collaboration of the world’s top leaders for a deeper understanding of themselves. To implement a Global Initiative to actualize the New Paradigm Initiatives.



HEAL is an immersion leading you on a path of Self Actualization to create a paradigm shift of self, other, organization, society and the environment. Charge your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy levels to initiate transformation across all aspects of you.

Experience new levels of consciousness and understand the profound connection between your personal energy field and the outcome of life.

This journey enables us to activate a transformation of Collective Consciousness, leading the world into the New Paradigm.

It’s time to HEAL.

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