Infographic: How to Quit Sugar in 14 steps

What is the number one enemy if you want to lose weight?. However, sugar doesn’t just affect your weight, it is also problematic for your health. The World Health Organisation considers sugar as accountable for heart disease, diabetes or even liver failure. Losing weight is not the only reason why you should quit sugar.

Like most things, too much of anything is never good. Even if it something as sweet and seemingly harmless as sugar. In small amount and when found naturally in our fruits & vegetables, it is actually beneficial for your health! Although, processed or too much of it can have a huge impact on all pillars of health: mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. As it can cause brain fog, mood swings and it develops a very unhealthy attachment towards certain foods. So have you been dreaming about quitting sugar?

Have a deeper look at our infographic, and learn how to quit sugar in 14 steps!



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