Self Mastery

Journey into Self through exploring how to train your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. This is a space for radical authenticity, honesty and commitment to growth.

Journey into Self

Consciousness is the essence of being aware and realizing the world around us. It is the window through which we understand our environment emotionally, artistically, scientifically, and spiritually. It is the awareness of an external object or something within the self. It is the ability to feel, experience, and have a sense of selfhood at any given period.

Each human evolves and grows in consciousness in clearly defined stages, each stage focusing on a particular existential need. The seven stages conform to the human ability of the individual to satisfy their needs at a given stage in growth and development.

4 Pillars of Energy


Represents our mental agility and clarity. Determines the quality of your thoughts, focus, and memory. 


How we feel. Our ability to regulate emotions and experience consistent levels of harmony and balance.


This pillar has everything to do with our physical ability, including the function of our organs.


How connected do we feel? Spiritual energy is what influences our level of connection with the world around us.

Mental & Emotional Skillset

Your Mindset is your greatest tool if you choose to train it. It is the starting point of both receptivity and creation. Having a healthy mental and emotional skillset creates the ability to process our life experiences in ways that lead you forward into growth, new desired outcomes, and ultimately, a true sense of personal freedom.


Embodiment is a pivotal element in the Self Actualization process. The ability to integrate new ways of thinking into tangible actions, behavior, and language. 

Moving from concepts into action, being the teaching. A way of grounding knowledge and transmuting it into the physical world. We believe that the most authentic way to inspire change in others is to lead by expression.

As an organization committed to the transfiguration of our global systems, we believe in enhancing the individuals within the team to influence our organization, communities, and, ultimately, Humanity.

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